High Damping Rubber Bearings (HDRBs)

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BIT’s HDRBs, manufactured by DOSHIN RUBBER, are steel laminated rubber bearings made on specially formulated high damping rubber compounds.

The rubber compounds used for the production of BIT’s HDRBs are characterized by a dynamic shear modulus G variable from 0,6 to 1,3 MPa and an equivalent viscous damping coefficient (at shear strain, y=1) varying from 10 to 20%.

The non-linear behavior of the compounds means at low strains the modulus is higher, allowing only slight movement due to forces such as wind. The steel lamination ensures a high compression stiffness to support the vertical load.

Three different rubber compound are available as standard:

  • soft compound (S), with a low modulus (G=0,6 MPa)
  • normal compound (N), with a medium modulus (G=0,9 MPa)
  • hard compound (H), with a high modulus (G=1,3 MPa)


BIT can develop alternative rubber compounds to satisfy different design requirements and can design seismic isolators to all international standards.

Technical information

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